Our Story

oIt all started with the bagel lady.  The bagel lady would come in every Tuesday at 10am to our corporate cafeteria and sell bagels and cream cheese to the 300 or so people who worked in our office. Tuesdays were awesome. We also happened to love getting sushi for lunch. Problem was that our favorite sushi place was too far from the office to make it a regular lunch option.  One day we thought, “wouldn’t it be great if there was a sushi lady who would bring fresh made sushi to our office cafeteria at lunchtime?”…and an idea was born.  Today, we have shed our office jobs and now provide high quality, healthy, and fresh made sushi to companies, schools, and private events everywhere, along with our Project Sushi restaurant which is open to everyone. Our promise to our customers is that the experience will be fun, fast, and friendly every time.  We have dozens of sushi options to choose from, or just tell us what you would like and we can make just about anything. Fresh salads, rice bowls, and noodle bowls round out the offerings.  We hope that our restaurant be a gathering place for family and friends to get together, hang out, enjoy some great food in a fun and casual atmosphere.  Ok so what is with all of the surfing stuff? The ocean lifestyle is another one of our passions.  We feel a strong connection to the ocean, tides, wildlife, and waves.  Despite being currently landlocked in Ohio, we dream of waves every day, and we travel to them when we can. The images and artwork adorning our restaurant remind us of our love for the ocean and all it has to offer, including many of the items on our menu. We hope you enjoy our food, and invite you to dream along with us of warm breezes and wide open walls of water.